How Does Restore 3 Work?

How does Restore 3 work better than anything else out there? With the amount of research completed and the dedication of the founders, Restore 3 has become the top choice for breaking down biofilm that creates health issues in many kinds of health conditions. The research has shown that the following specific ingredients produces remarkable results.

Each ingredient listed below revealed themselves to be the clear winners for us. Each ingredient was carefully selected for specific purposes. By combining them all together, we have a powerful, all-in-one formula that will show results and help get to the root of your condition.

Proteolytic Enzymes – Protease S & Serrapeptose

Helps the body to rid itself of biofilms and filbrin. As a super enzyme, these are the top workers in the process of destroying biofilm. Since biofilm is a mix of protein and sugars, the breakdown will require excess amounts of enzymes that digest proteins. A biofilm altering supplement should contain at least 150,000 HUT. The formula we use has 200,000 HUT.

Magnesium Malate

Magnesium Malate helps keep healthy oxygen levels in muscles and good ATP synthesis for energy. A natural fruit acid, malic acid is in most cells of the body. 300 enzymatic reactions require magnesium in order to function. Studies are showing magnesium as an enzyme is used to naturally eliminate aluminum from the brain.

cellulase-restore-3Cellulase & Hemicellulase

Disrupts polysaccharides in biofilm. Polysaccharides are the primary component of biofilm. This component is essential to breaking down biofilm because of its ability to dissolve sugars. Biofilm cannot be disrupted without cellulase and hemicellulase present in the body. The breaking down of sugars to create energy is accomplished by these enzymes as well.

amylase-enzyme-restore-3Glucoamylase & Amylase

These enzymes are naturally found in saliva and are secreted by the pancreas. They remove free glucose molecules and convert them into usable energy. Glucoamylase and Amylase are also known to be helpful in reducing bloat, gas, loss of appetite, and heartburn.


Involved in breaking down carbohydrates and fats in the bloodstream and intestines, this enzyme is produced in the mouth, stomach, and pancreas. Though it is not a protein-digesting enzyme, it is a supporter of the actions taken by the proteolytic enzymes. Those actions include working on the unwanted fats and carbohydrates within the body.

Bacillus-coagulans-restore-3Bacillus Coagulans

This probiotic supports a healthy gut, immunity, and digestion. It is also known to take out pathogens by crowding them. While dormant in their current spore-state, once it reaches the proper pH environment within the large intestines, it wakes up and begins working immediately. This attribute allows this probiotic to not be killed by stomach acid. There is no loss of potency with this probiotic.


Bacillus Subtilis

This probiotic limits the growth of pathogens and builds up immunity. This spore-forming probiotic has been used as an anti-fungal and bacterial aid in Japan for centuries. It is also responsible for producing protease and amylase. This exists naturally in humans as well. Bacillus Subtilis is best known for having the ability to find and target pathogens. It destroys them by crowding the bad bacteria out.

On the next page, we detail how the Restore 3 Program works and the exact 3 steps it takes to eliminate biofilm and get to the root of long standing health challenges.







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