Welcome to Wellness for Everyone

This website is for you who have committed to changing your health for the better. Who don’t accept that lifelong sentence of taking toxic pills from an industry that doesn’t have our best interest in mind. The goal of this site is to help educate as well as inspire those who may be looking for an alternative way to lead a more healthy & vital life without needing to buy expensive drugs or undergo unnecessary surgeries.

The truth is, wellness is our given birthright as living, intelligent beings. Wellness is always present for us to receive. The real trick is getting ourselves into alignment with that wellness.

Think of the human body as a water hose and the water is the stream of wellness that constantly flows through it. However, due to the stresses of our modern world & the toxic environment that we constantly are exposed to, it often ends up ‘kinking’ that hose.

And, rather quickly, this stream of wellness can often go from a full-stream of flowing water, down to a tiny trickle. Usually, it results in imbalance within the body or the mind.

The job simply becomes to learn how to un-kink this water hose, so wellness can once more flow easily thru the body.

And that’s exactly what Wellness for All is all about. We aim to learn & share along with you the natural & most effective ways in which you can remove those blocks which often impede this stream of wellness. Wellness is really not a matter of simply taking more stuff to get better, it’s more a about removing those blocks which hinder that flow so that it can turn from a mere trickle, to a full, vital stream.


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